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tanya-j | 23-03-2010, 01:18 | 1196
FlatOut 2 (PC)

FlatOut 2 |PC| 520 MB

Taking all the best elements from the first part of the game and improve them, the developers turned FlatOut 2 in the most devastating car race in the world. Cross-country trails are crammed with thousands of interactive zones, dynamic objects, as well as risky, but effective alternative routes. This game encourages aggressive driving style!
Have to show aggression against seven computer opponents, each of which has its own role-parameters and driving style. Not all the participants reach the finish line arrival - some taken away from the road in a hearse.
Damage caused to sites on the track and cars are displayed with an unprecedented level of realism with the most spectacular in the world of physical model.
Previous versions of the battles for survival, and mini-games with a flying body of the driver seemed to developers is not enough crazy. Torment your driver is not respectful of safety belts, a new version of the derby or twelve regdolnyh mini-games!
After FlatOut 2 in single user mode, improve their skills, competing via the Internet with the best players from around the world.

FlatOut 2 (PC)
FlatOut 2 (PC)
FlatOut 2 (PC)

Minimum system requirements:
Pentium 4/Athlon XP 2 GHz
256 MB of memory
3D-accelerator with 64 MB of memory
3 GB hard drive

Year: 2009
Genres: Arcade / Racing
Developer: FlatOut Community
Publisher: FlatOut Community
Platform: PC
Release Group: BiNGaMeS (cdman)

Size: 520 MB

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